Delete unused textures

(3Digify) #1

I was wondering how to delete textures after they have been imported?
How do unreferenced textures affect the load time of my model?
Are all textures loaded, even if they are not referenced in my model. Or only the textures really used for rendering?


(Stephomi) #2

We only load the textures used for the rendering.

(Jbdesign) #3

Same question here. Need to load several textures to test the right impact. Is it possible to delete unused textures to clean up afterwards?


Not yet. We'll implement a better texture management system as soon as possible.

For now, you could use Re-Upload to clear everything.

(3Digify) #5

I also have a related question:
What happens if I upload a texture as PNG (lossless compression). Is it automatically optimized for web content e.g. converted as JPG (lossy compression)?
What happens if I want to render on a smartphone with little VRAM. Do you automatically generate versions of the texture with different resolution?


@3digify Your PNGs should remain PNGs, but we do convert TIFF and TGA to PNG.

Right now, we use low resolution textures on mobile. Soon we'd like to implement a smarter multi-resolution / LOD system.

(Simon Kratz) #7

Supporting this, I always try a lot of different maps with several iterations of uploading and re-uploading which leads to a pretty full texture list and some performance impacts inside the 3d editor (at least in firefox, chrome is fine). Looking forward to the new system James mentioned :smile:

How to delete unused textures?
(Engine9) #8

How delete unused backgrounds (in 3D settings)?


@engine9 - There's no way to do it on your end yet, but I can do it for you. Please confirm and I'll remove any unused background on your account.

(Mauricesvay) #10

Hi guys,

you should now be able to delete unused background images and textures. Let us know if you encounter any issues smile