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Demon Hunters Cursed Forge

(Daleraymondkerr) #1

Hi all, as soon as I saw this competition I knew I had to enter.

I spent majority of the day researching and finding more information about the lore behind Demon Hunters, we all know that Illidan gained his weapons from defeating Azzinoth however what about the others.

From what I gathered there are a few different theories regarding the weapons they use, some say it's due to the allegiance they show towards Illidan and that it's become a tradition to own matching glaives, other say it's what they get from the demons they kill as part of their initiation or that the blades are somehow the right shape to easily charge with magics.

I thought i'd explore this more and create my own interpretation, we know that demon hunters get stronger and evolve over time increasing their demonic powers with each kill, however normal weapons couldn't possibly keep up with their powers, they would need something similar to the power that Azzinoth a doomguard commander once wielded.

Quick story:
_A cursed and powerful forge lay deep within the very heart of Mardum, known only to those who pass the Illidari initiation and are ready to complete their trials as a Demon Hunter. They must make the journey deep into the treacherous caverns below the Fel Hammer, carrying the hearts and horns of powerful demons they assassinated. _

The forge sits in the center of the room battered and stained with the blood of failed initiates and the thick stench of death and blistering heat drown the room, a suitable hell for the cursed and damned. Surrounded by Fel Iron, cauldrons of boiling doomguard blood, demonic magics and the essence of arcane power Sargeras once bestowed upon Illidan. Initiates are forced to forge their weapons, creating the bond that will allow their warglaives to channel magics and evolve as they do.

So from that small story you can imagine that i'm planning a smallish looking room that seems ancient, I want it to feel like it has been used so a lot of damage or demonic blood staining ground and equipment. It's basically going to be a forge or ancient blacksmith in a way that's only used by Demon hunters.

The structure will have some elven influence but since it's located on the planet Sargeras once used as a prison I want to focus on utilizing iron, rock and other materials more associated with that, even floating rocks and pools of fel magic.
The forge itself will have some ancient runes on it written in Eredun.

I want to make sure that this seems like it could be a part of the lore and really want to nail my idea on the head, i'll be doing some concepts and posting some progress shots soon.

(Michael Calvert) #2

Nice, looking forward to see this come to life.


Like the backstory and planning. Can't wait to see the visuals!

(Nomadking) #4

A really nice and detailed idea @daleraymondkerr, there's lots of great and mysterious lore to explore with Demon Hunters. This will be a good entry :wink:

(Bart) #5

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.