Dense cloud so Rough


(Maungyit) #1

Hello my all friend,
I am new one of Agisoft Photoscan.
Now I have trouble in dense cloud create from Align photo.
My dense cloud result is so rough, why?
I did the procedure.
Please check my photo and give me some suggestion.
Thank you for all.

This rough dense cloud result so bad in mesh creation process.
I am hopping your suggestion.

(Vlad) #2

Which settings you use in any steps?
Cut and do not scale one photo to 1024x1024px around neck. And upload it here.
After this will possible tell you what problem you have.
But i think your problem worst photo quality. You should not try "photoscan" with notebook camera.

(Nebulousflynn) #3

hey @maungyit, in addition to Vlad's advice:

Have you tried scanning something else with your camera set up to see if you get the same results? Try something static like a rock or furniture or something...

I suggest this because the problem may lie in scanning a human with only one camera - holding a 100% static pose for the duration of photography is almost impossible for a regular human and the rough point cloud you are seeing may be the result of slight of the subject movement across images in your photoset.

Proffesional scan companies often have pretty expensive looking rigs to capture many images in a single instance to negate this challenge.

(Misterdevious) #4

There may be a couple of other factors at play here in addition to what @nebulousflynn and @ssh4 had mentioned.
1. Have you applied an alpha mask around your subject in every shot? Most photogrammetry applications do not play well with a single color background without some sort of masking going on. That white background that your subject is standing (too close to) may be throwing photoscan off.
2. Your light source looks like it's coming form a single flash on your camera. This is a no-no. The reason being is that the shadow information changes according to each shot (compare the shadow created by your nose between two photos for an example). Light your subject evenly with no harsh highlights and no deep shadows for a slightly better result. It would be best to shoot outdoor on a cloudy day if you don't have the lighting equipment.

There are other things to point out, but eliminate the other variables for a start, then work your way up from there.

Remember that this isn't a turnkey, point and shoot process. There's a lot of elements that go into a good scan and it takes time and work to suss out the problems and get a good final result.

Good luck!