Designer needed for creating custom 3D electronics


(Dewang) #1

I need a custom 3D model of electronic devices. I would like to know, how much will it cost me for 1 3D model and more than 1 3D models. I will disclose the details of the electronic device more after having the initial talk.

(Wlinktech) #2

please describe clearly 3D models

(Dewang) #4

Thermostats or sensors
These kinda electronics

(Pocolov) #5

We can help you with resonable price
pls show us what image of model you want.

(Dewang) #6


Something like this. Currently, we don’t have an appropriate image for it. But similar to this one. Please tell me how much time will you take to create the 3D model for 1 product and how much will you charge.[ We have a budget to maintain. ]

(Julien Meyer) #7

Are you still looking for a 3d modeler? I used the image you provided as an example you can view here.
Depending on complexity, things like this can roughly take from 3h to 5h.
My email is in the link’s description if you’re ever interested.

(Pocolov) #8

We can make it in 1-2 days.