Desktop AR, creating AR effect and make model float in front of a computer monitor

Hi everyone!
I’m very excited to announce the beta version of Holo-SDK for Desktop AR technology.


  • Desktop AR is a technique that let normal computer and monitor to project AR effect.
  • Holo-SDK is a Unity plugin that help developer make Desktop AR apps.
  • Desktop AR does not require AR glasses/headset and provide a more immersive experience than mobile AR.
  • Demo video:
  • Get Holo-SDK and sample apps at:

What is Desktop AR?
Desktop AR is a technique that enables laptop and desktop computers to produce AR effect without needing a phone or a headset. It creates the illusion of 3D objects floating in front of a screen by rendering red-blue 3D images according to a user’s viewing position. User can download the play Desktop AR apps by using their computer, webcam, and anaglyph glasses.

What’s cool about it?

  • You get the holographic experience and seeing things floating in front of the screen. The color will be a bit purple-ish because of the red-blue glasses. If that is what bothers you, you can also use active/passive 3D display to overcome this issue.
  • Users do not need to have AR glasses or headset, which tends to be pricy. Desktop AR utilizes hardware that everyone already has and red-blue glasses that are available online for a low price. This also means that more potential users for your Desktop AR applications.
  • More immersive than mobile AR. Mobile AR’s experience is limited by small display size and lack of stereoscopic. Unlike Desktop AR and AR glasses, Mobile AR enhances the realism of a video that a user sees on a device, rather than enhancing the viewing experience of the user directly.

How to make your own Desktop AR app?
You can make Desktop AR apps by using Holo-SDK. Holo-SDK is a unity-plugin. You can download and start developing going to the website. We do have a free developer license there, so you can play with the tech without cost. We also have documents, so that you can use the SDK easier.

What’s next?
Right now, the Holo-SDK is only for Unity and only compatible with Window OS. In the future, we will support other engines and OS as well.

I am looking forward to your suggestions, comments, and feedback. They are highly valued and appreciated.
Thank you.

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