Developers console shows a lot of failed to parse

Hi James et all,

I’m trying to get data from a model, but the console doesn’t show any data like object or material but a lot of: “DevTools failed to parse SourceMap”.

Am I doing something wrong or is it because of the new viewer api or something similar?

Hey there,

This should not be new. The sourcemaps are indeed not parseable and it can make sense to show this warning, although I don’t see it on my end.

That said, it should be nothing more than a warning and has no impact whatsoever on what you’re doing. In a nutshell sourcemaps are debugging tools aimed at the sketchfab team.

I would suggest looking for an alternative explanation as to why no data shows up. A new viewer api version has just been released (as you mentioned) ; maybe a bug has been introduced. Could you give more details about what you’re doing ? e.g. code snippet

Thanks !

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Maybe this is a better explanation : I want to get the InstanceID and StateSetID coupled with the names of the objects and materials from specific sketchfab models. They don’t show up in the console at the moment.
If this isn’t a good enough explanation, I will do a more elaborate later this evening, OK?