👾 Di-lamp: Take a look to my new sketchfab configurators


(Pierreyvesjacques) #1


Just a quick message to share my new sketchfab configurators : bit.ly/di-lamp-3D :dizzy:

There is a short instagram video demonstration : https://www.instagram.com/p/Bnrh0V3HOjX/

Share your comments please, helps me a lot!

:question: Does anyone have a VR headset and could tell me if you can see the lamp in 3D VR ?

Discover the Di-lamp project to get one of the 3D printed creations bit.ly/di-lamp-project :wink:

(near Paris in France)

(Cie) #2

Checked it with the Vive. It works fine, you can change the parameters, and it updates directly.