Diablo 4 Lilith Bust

Posting my progress here! Started on a bust of Lilith based off of the painting by Igor Sidorenko and the Diablo 4 cinematic trailer.
Worked on her body last week and laid down some really rough clothing over the last few days. Pretty happy with where I’m at at the moment.

Comments and Critique are welcome! :slight_smile:


Looks amazing!

Thank you!

Small update this time around. Busy with work and packing :upside_down_face:

Refined her horns, clothing, and armor (?) bits, but still pretty blocky!

Added some messy poly paint for fun and started to layout a potential shot when I get to rendering.



I’ve been super busy with work and wrapping up another project, so I’ve kind of put the bust on the back burner. I’ve started to refine a few things and mess around with the lighting in marmoset, so here is what I have for now!

Side note: I also post the same updates over on Polycount! So both Lilith bust posts are from the same person (me) :slight_smile:

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