Difference between annotation according to the mode


(Yannick Deharo) #1

Hi everyone !

I have a new problem with the annotations. I found out that the annotation bubble is aligned apon or below the number according to the mode of the Sketchfab viewport.

In Fullscreen and theater mode, the bubble is fully readable because it is aligned below the number :

In normal mode,… You will understand my problem :wink: :

Does a solution exist or I have to make smaller annotation bubbles ?..

Thank you !


We probably need to improve the way we detect the edges of the viewer and the placement of the annotation… I’m not sure how complex that might become @mauricesvay @arthurjamain

(Yannick Deharo) #3

Hi ! I find out another thing related to this topic.

Its about the mobile web browser and it concerns the screen rotation.

When my mobile is vertical, the annotations are remplaced by very short bubbles with just the title and a link. This link leads to a transparent windows in fullscreen which display the content in a perfect way :

On the contrary, when my mobile is horizontal, the viewer try to display the annotation the same way that on computer. The bubbles are too big and get out from the screen.

It’s surprising that when I turn my mobile I found a completely different way to display annotations. It looks like a bug.

Have a nice day !