Difference between editor view and viewer

I’m trying to line up a model of a building with a real world photo of the building. I can get it to line up pretty well in the 3D editor, but even after I save the view, the model when viewed @ the link doesn’t match. Also, there seems to be more edges visible in the viewer than in the editor, but the model itself has no selectable edges, so I’m not sure how to make these go away.

Image of building in real life:

View in the editor mode than I want:

View that shows up in the viewer:

Actual model:

Probably a different resolution background is being used in the viewer vs the editor.

Can you try getting it in position and Save View from the viewer instead of the editor?

When you save view in the editor, the camera position is saved, but it triggers a full saving of all the settings, which automatically triggers the thumbnail generation again on our servers.

Still not sure if it will work excactly right, the camera position is independent of the fixed background.

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