Difference in display between mode Edit and mode "normal"

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I try to explore different options with refraction in the Editor mode for this model : https://sketchfab.com/models/0021349a8a3042f49d4f4061ae5e4dcc but after saving my work , I see many differences in the webviewer.
Do you know this problem and is there a solution , thanks !
Below the two views showing the problem.


Maybe a texture processing/compression issue. Can you try changing your cylindre_24_24 texture to 32x32 ?

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Thank you very much @james, I can’t obtain the same result but the two displays are identic. Is it because the size of the texture is a power of 2 ?


The regular viewer will only display power of two textures (for performance reasons). We do a lot of texture processing and optimization, so there might be some side effects of scaling and processing non power of two, especially when they are so small.

The editor always uses the original versions. More info on texture processing here: