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Different bump quality in viewer and 3d settings editor

(Diygoodies) #1

Hello I have added a model of walkie-talkie.

and I saw that bump quality in viewer and 3d settings editor is different.

3D settings

Why is that?

(Dark Minaz) #2

is your normal map a jpg?
Png usually keeps a much better look, especially for little details like those.

(Stephomi) #3

We compress the textures, so if you upload a png we are probably going to convert it in jpg.

We are experimenting with better normalmap compression but nothing special concerning bumpmap, sorry!



We’ve implemented an option to reprocess normal maps losslessly to avoid compression artifacts. I’ve reprocessed the model(s) here for you, and you can find more information here:

However, as stephane mentioned last year, we’re not doing anything for bump maps.