Different camera

Hey guys,
I’ve posted this in the discord already and was told I should give it a shot in here for a better readability.

Im always facing issues when creating a thumbnail for my model. I just cant fit certain things I want to show in the thumbnail in it with the same FOV I use for actually spectating the model. Say I want to make a thumbnail with an FOV of 1 I can do that, no problem. But changing this value to a more reasonable fov like 40 or 45 or whatever to spectate the model after saving the thumbnail it just creates a new thumbnail with the FOV changed to the one like 40 or 45 and the FOV I had when making the thumbnail just didn’t matter.

Short version:

Make people take a thumbnail with a different FOV than they use in the viewer. Since I tried doing that but the thumbnail just adjusts to the FOV.

Let me know your thoughts! It would really help me bring out my thumbnails!

have a wonderful day :))
Love from germany

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I’m not sure about the idea of using different FOV’s, but I would definitely like to see the ability to use a different camera position for the Thumbnail and the initial model view.

Trying to get a good thumbnail for a Large or ‘vertical’ scene can be a real challenge at the moment :nerd_face: