Different folder structure when downloading

Hi, i uploaded an asset with a specific folder structure like this:


But when downloading, sketchfab seems to change the structure to this:

--ModelName.zip (containing everything mentioned above)

This has resulted in an increase in download size due to textures being included twice: in textures folder and again inside source/ModelName/Textures! I checked the help article on uploading and the structure is similar to what i tried. Before uploading zip, if i create source and textures folders and place additional files outside, will it maintain structure? Most importantly: if i were to re-upload with the right structure will it maintain the light setup and post fx i previously set in the editor?

This is the model: Old Survival Knife - Sketchfab

I have also noticed a lot of other assets on sketchfab in similar folder structure when downloaded. Things have duplicated, resulting in recursive folders (double clicking hell)

This is the expected behavior. It’s possible to upload textures in 3D settings and not with the initial upload, so we have to make sure they are included.

I understand the issue with download size. We can try to improve this in the future.

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Thank you for confirming @james . However, i found some downloads without this behavior: the source folder contains just the model (no duplicate of entire zip), the textures folder contains the textures.

This is perfect! How did they do this? Any specific way of uploading such a clean structure?

This is probably because the original uploads didn’t contain any textures, which they later uploaded in 3D settings.


Thank you @nomadking! I ran a few upload tests and its clear now!
Upload just the model first with any additional files if needed. Then import textures from 3D settings: the textures to be used for sketchfab viewer. This provides the clean directory structure i was looking for, when downloaded: source and textures folders, with the right content inside.

I think this is important as it makes the size of upload and download same. Plus, being in the game industry, i have an OCD when it comes to keeping things organized :sweat_smile:


Hi. I was curious to know, but I think it is being answered in this thread.
When downloading I indeed get a source folder with the model file and textures and another folder called textures with those same textures. Only difference is that the file size of the ones in the texture folder are just a few bytes smaller than that of the source folder. So are the source folder duplicate textures and then saved again and their file size increases. I’ve just been wondering which textures are the original ones. Not that it really matters.