Different player aspect ratio

It would be interesting to be able to customise the aspect ratio of the player, not fully customisable, something like, horizontal, square, vertical, maybe is it already possibile to achieve this using the API but it would only work only outside Sketchfab I guess.
I know that a feature like this would require a massive redesign of the website and the app (maybe the app would not require to be modified because it manage already very well square and vertical scenes, because of the screen of the phones already have that aspect ratio), so the different layout could be applied only in the page that visualise the model, while the small thumbnails in the home/profile/collection etc would always be horizontal.

Hi Zale,

You can accomplish that using an embed (no need to interact with the API). Since an embed is an iframe, you can control its size in your own page.

Could you give me an example where setting the aspect ratio, directly on Sketchfab, would be good? I feel a different aspect ratio of the viewer would probably create a lot of empty space on the sides.

Scenes that are developed vertically would benefit from that, but this is my preference because I don’t lime to see too much empty space around the models.

The fact that it is possible to easily modify the height/width of the frame in a webpage is already perfect for me, I would like to build a portfolio online

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