Different textures in different UV channels


(Nobinberg) #1

Hello everyone, I’m having trouble with uploading textures on sketchfab.
When i select a textures for a UV channel andthen switch to the other UV channel to add another textures, I end up with having the same texture in every channel.
I’ll explain better: I go to Base Color with UV1 selected, select the wood texture I need, then I switch to UV2 and select the other texture I need (a writing with transparent background), but doing this changes the texture on UV1 as well, because if I switch back I have the writing with transparent background on UV1 too; basically I have two UV channels on BaseColor. So what am I doing wrong? I read the Upload section in the help center and on the forum but I can’t find a solution. I’m trying to upload in PBR by the way.
Thanks for the help.

(Shaderbytes) #2

sounds like a bug , is the same texture visible on the model as well , just want to rule out if it is a UI bug only

(Nobinberg) #3

yes it’s visible on the model, if I put texture 1 I see texture 1 on the model, either with UV1 or UV2, same thing with texture 2.


You’re trying to add two textures to Base Color? This is not currently supported, regardless of the number of UVs you have. You can only have one texture and UV per channel (Base Color, Specular, etc.) but you can have different textures using different UVs in different channels of the same material.

(Nobinberg) #5

Oh ok, so I guess I’ll try to find a solution so that i have only one texture, then. Maybe I’ll try to “join” them. Thanks for your reply :smiley: