Dimension Agisoft


(Haocadcam) #1

Hello Everyone;
I have some question a bout agisoft.I have built a 3D model from agisoft but it is not correct dimention .( when i export .stl file and check on geomagic design x )
Who can let me know ?

(Simonbrown) #2

Have you scaled the model? Are you using the Pro version, or the basic version?

(Haocadcam) #3

Hello SimonBrown ;
What is the difference between them? it is difficult for me to distinguish common

(Tom Goskar) #4

If you're using the Standard version of PhotoScan then you won't be able to accurately scale your model. Assuming that you have some reference measurements, or a scale bar visible in the scan, then you can easily set the dimensions in free software such as Meshlab or CloudCompare.

Just measure between two points of known distance and Meshlab or CloudCompare will give you the distance in units. So for example if the distance between the two points should be 50mm and the software gives a distance of 1.028706 units, you just need to do a simple calculation to find out the scale factor.

1.028706 x 50 = 51.4353

Use the scale tool in Meshlab or CC to scale by this factor (51.4353) in all axes (x, y & z).

Your model will now be in the correct dimensions, and you can test it for accuracy and perform further measurements.

I hope that this helps!