Dirt from substance painter appears black


(James Currie) #1

Hi, im having a strange problem where any dirt generated in substance painter appears black when exported to Sketchfab. Does anyone know what the problem is?

Heres the model im having the problem with, as well as how it appears in substance painter. I reduced the opacity on the dirt layer in substance painter, just to try and counteract this.


(Waleguene) #2

Hi @JamesCurrie,

Did you try to reduce Ambient Occlusion factor from 100 to something like 40 ? I get a closer result with this :slight_smile:
Note that most of the settings are not exported from Substance painter to Sketchfab, so you end with default factors on Sketchfab and that can affect the render like this.

(James Currie) #3

Hi @waleguene, reducing the Ambient Occlusion worked perfectly, thanks so much for getting back to me!