Disable comments?


(Jaimenewberry) #1

Hi, I have a pro account and was wondering if its possible to disable comments? As im looking at possibly embeded some links in my works website to some models in the future and would prefer to have comments disabled if possible.

Many thanks

Disable comments

Hi there,

It's not possible yet, but we hope to offer this feature in the future. I'll add your '+1' to this feature request and follow up with any news.

(Garcia Avila) #4

Yes James.
I think like jaimenewberry. I would like disable comments please.
Best wishes.

(Garcia Avila) #5

I have seen that since 2015 people ask about disable comments in our models. Is it possible already? :disappointed_relieved:
I want disable coments in some of my 3D models.
Best wishes


I merged your new thread into this one. I'm afraid there's been no update yet, but we know it's a much-needed feature and it's on our todo list.

(Greatestate) #7


Could really use disabled comments for MLS uploads.

Please, Sketchfab!