Disable rotation limits in the viewer?

(Codame) #1

Is it possible to disable the rotation limits in the viewer?

For reference, I've just finished uploading a slew of scans that ModBod3D has done at CODAME events and because of how the models were exported, they are all loading sideways, like this:

VR at Mozilla Based Sixteen by CODAME ART+TECH on Sketchfab

Because there's limits on how far a model can be rotated it's difficult to see all the parts of the model. If there's a way to disable the limit in the viewer please let me know!

In the future I'll ask our modeler to put the origin at the center of the model which may help some as well, but another thought is to allow users to set the origin for rotation with a right click.

Thanks & Best!


At the moment, there's no way to change the rotation limits on an axis. However, you can fix this issue with the Model Orientation options in 3D Settings: http://cl.ly/2L323n0c402n