Disabled Models

(Ettienne) #1

Hi Folks,

Not entirely sure where to ask this, so figured the Lounge might be the safest bet for this. xD Did some digging and couldn’t find any topics regarding this.

Anyway, earlier today I noticed something strange on my list of models, some of my models have been flagged as “Disabled Model” with the preview being monochome. I can’t seem to edit the model’s settings, and several random models have been disabled. Such as the BMW Z4, the Warfactory, Mysterious Gem, and a few others.

Is this normal? Has anyone else here experienced this as well? Did I break something? xD

Kind Regards

(Kashief Pottinger) #2

Never seen this before sometimes people get flag for not having the age restriction tag but not disabled model. I can tell you that no one can view your disable model. My best guess is may be you change your subcription if you were pro or you got flag with something.

(Ettienne) #3

Likewise, this is the first time this has happened, and it happened to some rather random models. o.O That said, I was on pro about +2 years ago. If the case was that I was flagged for something it would be nice to know what I was flagged for. :confused:

Not sure if this is a prank or a bug in the site, or something else all together. sigh

(Megabyte) #4

I just found out about it and it got me bit angry. My models were disabled, because I used custom background which I’ve set up while being PRO at some point. After that status is gone you could still keep using those backgrounds, but apparently this got changed now and you can’t use them anymore.

That’s not nice move at all from Sketchfab, not informing about it earlier. My models were disabled for several days I had no idea.

(Ettienne) #5

Glad to see I’m not the only one with this impression of this feature either. Well that explains it then… sigh Kind of defies the point of uploading anything then, if you got pro once, you have to keep getting every month to ensure your models stay visible? That is a bit…off to me.

Oh well, time to delete them then, and maybe consider going back to just sharing images of models instead…

Thanks for the info my friend, much appreciated.

(Ivanix88) #6

Actually, they sent a mail about this around a month ago, even with information about which of my models would be dissabled and why. It arrived on the spam folder, so perhaps you missed it because of that.

Anyways, I also dislike this movement from Sketchfab. It might be fine for models uploaded after the change, but to do the same thing with the older ones… It’s a shame. I even got the chance to get a few months of pro for free as a price from a contest, and chose other prices because now it literally has no use for me.

I hope they reconsider the situation with the older models at least.

(Dan) #7

Ivanix88 is right - we did email the community weeks before we started disabling models not consistent with users’ current plans. (It’s possible it was sent to the Spam folder. On behalf of Sketchfab, I’m sorry for what might have seemed like a surprise.)

With that being said, there are still ways to enjoy paid membership features if you don’t want to purchase the corresponding plan. You can make your models public and downloadable, or re-upload them without the paid membership features you might be using. For more details you can check out the guide here: https://help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016172711-Disabled-Models No need to delete your models if you’d like to stay on Sketchfab.