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Displacement - AR

(Alex Nan) #1

I have noticed that if I play with "displacement" on the model, on PC it works fine but when on Phone -> Augmented Reality mode it doesn't show good, I have to scale up the model otherwise it's just a bumpy thing.
If I put "off displacement" then the model shows as it should straight away in AR.


Hmm, can you share the model URL?

(Alex Nan) #3 - 0.3 displacement
I can reactivate displacement for more models, but they are all the same (as far as I tested)


Hmm, I got pretty much the same result with displacement turned on and then off. Can you send a screenshot of what you see with displacement on?



(Alex Nan) #5

yes exactly that's the problem. If I switch off displacement from my 3d editor - then the model shows how it should, but with no displacement at all*

(Alex Nan) #6

also, if you resize the AR model - make it bigger then it shows how it should... the displacement should be accordingly to the size before you edit the model in sketchfabs 3d settings ?

(Rémy Bouquet) #7

Hello, it's indeed a bug with displacement in AR, we are working on a fix.
Thanks you.

(Alex Nan) #8

kewl ! best of luck :four_leaf_clover: let us know the updates on it or if I can help in any way.