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Displaying Water Effects

(Dark Minaz) #1

Dear Sketchfab

I am currently thinking about uploading one of my biggest scenes so far, the issue is that there are some pools etc in it.
So my question is, what is the best way to display water in sketchfab. I am aware that water simulations won't work and the ocean shader sadly doesn't export well.

So what would be a best walkaround? a flat texture with 10% transparency? or a block?
Or is there a better method to do that?

Couldn't find a better spot in the forum to post this question.

Thanks for anyone that got a good idea or tip for me.


I'm no artist, but you can get pretty good water effects with diffuse + specularity + transparency.

Memory Farm Watermill by darellano on Sketchfab

Jaguar at the water hole by shaderbytes on Sketchfab

Poor Medium Tank by Christophe Scherrer on Sketchfab

Cudillero Diorama Cityscene by ThomasKole on Sketchfab

(Emmanuel De Bernard) #3

Oh... I would love to upload my simulations too.... :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dark Minaz) #4

thanks james
the 2nd+4th is around what i wanted,
hmm so one used a plane
the other a cube with details and a plane for the beach.

Stupid me forgot that i could just look at other models and use the wireframe mode to check them out.
Guess ill try that out later.


Cool, let us know how it goes!

(Dark Minaz) #6

well i did upload my model, probably tomorrow ill add a texture for it to make it look a bit better :smile:

Dark-Minaz Tower Apartments by dark-minaz on Sketchfab

(Adeboye Grillo) #7

Select your environmental lighting carefully and adjust the specularity/ metalness and glossiness of the water mesh such that it gives it a water effect. You can add a normal map to help. The environment you select can make a huge difference on the appearance of your models.

(Dark Minaz) #8

yeah noticed that today when i uploaded my "evil" guy, well ill probably edit the textures and more on the tower after the starwars contest.
Ill try out the tipp with the normal map and the spec then and see if it looks better. But for now it kinda has to stay this way for a short moment.