District 9 SMG WIP

(Esteban Salazar) #1

Hi there guys, this is the my last model of the District 9 SMG, it was made from scratch in Blender using traditional modeling tools and also the Hardops addon (wich is AWESOME):

SMG WIP by EstebanSalazar on Sketchfab

This was a test I made to see if the model worked as I planned...I just uploaded the final version here:

District 9 SMG by EstebanSalazar on Sketchfab


(Nomadking) #2

District 9 is such an awesome movie - and this is such an awesome model! Good job :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #3

does hardops create some of the edges by itself or why is there such a big difference in them?
tris, ngons, quads. a bit all over the place.
Looks really nice though.
Gj on the uv, that must have been quite a pain with such a complex model :slight_smile:

So while i think your geo could use a bit of work i can't really compain about the final look,

(Paulchambers3d) #4

Fantastic work and great topology! I wasn't sure if HardOps would make a mess of topology. Did you re-topologize after HardOps? It's clean!