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Ditto Labs - Brisbane - 3D Scanning

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We create digital duplicates of you, your work, your art and just about anything. In minutes, we can create a full colour and precise digital model. With applications ranging from Reverse Engineering to Portraiture to Jewellery to Gaming and Virtual Reality, 3D scanning is the innovation you've been waiting to get your hands on.

Untethered 3D scanning with a point accuracy as tight as 100 microns. We can provide the highest accuracy model for reverse engineering or a mesh ready for animation.


High resolution mobile scanning service

We use an Artec Eva and specialist modelling software to produce 3D portraits, reverse engineering models, digital models of artworks for display or digital reproduction.

We're based in Brisbane and can travel to you or your scanning subject.

  • Resolution: Down to 0.5mm
  • Point accuracy: Down to 0.1mm
  • Max / min scannable sizes: 10cm to 4m
  • Textures: 1.3mp resolution and Full 24bpp colour
  • Deliverable file formats: OBJ, PLY, WRL, STL, AOP, ASCII, PTX, E57, XYZRGB
  • Additional services: Preparing for 3D printing (FDM, full colour SLS or metal printing
  • Costs: on application
  • Viewing software provided: Sketchfab


Ty Curtis @ Chaos Factory by Ditto Labs on Sketchfab

Trans Axle Sample scan by Ditto Labs on Sketchfab

The Drovers by John Underwood by Ditto Labs on Sketchfab