DMCA Takedown no questions asked

So Yesterday one of my models got taken down here, after I reported the same model on other websites as stolen/reuploads, I am the original author of this model, its been on Skethfab for over a year so I am pretty sure I know its a notice from one of those websites that I sent a notice to. The model took 2 years to complete an I was in constant communications with the company that manufactured the item, even with the staff that operate it.

That being said, for Sketchfab to just remove the model without notice or explanation, and to strike your account is grossly unethical, I have emailed the support and they just said tough luck buddy thats how it works, and that the “owner” of the model took it down, file a counter notice and good luck with the legal implications.

I foresee difficult times ahead for sketchfab if its that easy to have content removed no questions asked.

Do as they said - fill a counter notice. It’s not a no questions asked removal if the received a valid DMCA that they legally have to act upon.

If the DMCA is from the company depicted in the model then I will gladly remove all the logos, thats not a problem, without the need to counter it, but without knowing what the problem is how can I correct it?, especially since I was told that I am apparently not the owner of the model? I have seen DMCA takedowns from companies on copyrights and the one issued to me isnt it.

After 7 weeks and a counter DMCA, my model has been restored. Thank you sketchfab