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Do Sketchfab Users retain full intellectual ownership of their content?


(Mr P Buskell) #1

Hello, all.

I have read the Terms and Conditions of Sketchfab, and am still wondering whether or not Sketchfab Users absolutely and explicitly retain ownership of the works they upload to Sketchfab.

By way of contrast, the Terms and Conditions of explicitly state at the very beginning that Users retain rights to their work. I gather that Sketchfab has been founded in the same spirit as Behance but am concerned about the legal agreement which Sketchfab Users are entering into and whether the rights to their work are absolutely protected.

Specifically: If a User removes work from Sketchfab, apart from the backup and investigation clauses which are mentioned, does this prevent Sketchfab from using the removed work for promotional and other purposes?

The Users I would recommend to Sketchfab are very concerned about this issue. Any clarification would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

-Paul Buskell

(Alban) #2

Hi Paul, thanks for your question!

Yes, we have the same policy as Behance, and users absolutely keeps full ownership of anything they upload on Sketchfab, even after deletion. Our mention of using works for promotional purpose is mainly to cover the right of staff picking content and sharing it on social networks, which would make no sense if the model has been deleted.

Feel free to ask any other concerns you may have around this.