Do you have any suggestion to improve my first animation? I also have some questions


(Zale) #1

To upload this file I had some problem with the camera, is there a way to export the blender camera into Sketchfab? (because of this the guardrail isn’t perfectly overlayed)
If you watch the animation without focusing the frame with the cursor, do you see some lag? In my browser (safari) I have this problem
Can I disable the initial camera animation? It ruins the trick of this scene

(Moroplogo) #2

I see the same lag for the guardrail (on firefox) .
May be you can try to add a small object (with a transparent material ) in the same place of the camera in blender,
then you double click on this object in Sketchfab’s 3D Settings mode (after clicking on “Zoom on selected material”).
So you click on “Save view”.
You can also try to test this addon “Sketchfab Camera Animation Export” created by @bartv : .
To disable the initial camera animation it seems you must have a PRO, Premium or Business account, like mentionned here : .

(Zale) #3

Thank you for your answers, i’ll try to apply your suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

(Zale) #4

To complete this scene I would like to add an animated image of the camper that continues his running, into the mirror to make it more realistic.
Also, I would add some sounds, but maybe ear the same track every 10sec can be annoying to

(Nomadking) #5

Your sound doesn’t have to be linked to animation, so you could have a sound that is much longer than the animation. Perhaps a bit of light background music might help hide the repetitiveness of any sound effects you add :slight_smile:

(Zale) #6

Thank you for the tip :slightly_smiling_face:

(Lidarthomas) #7

Lovely little animation!
I really like how you created the illusion there!

What I think may be added to the animation itself is a lean to the camper as it turns. Vehicles tend to lean to the opposite direction of a turn.
Maybe a little rumble to the vehicle itself as it moves, also.

(Kill Gill) #8

Really cool! I don’t know much about this software (using the site for practice sketching) but I thought it might be neat to have the camper START as a reflection (since it’s a cool effect) and then travel past the viewer. Is this incredibly hard to pull off? Just a thought! Might be fun. Take care