Doctor Vile's first test

(Andlez) #1

This will be my first attempt at doing any form of a competition and I'm starting a little late because i wasnt sure if i was actually going to enter.

Doctor Vile's plan is to construct a laser to mutate whatever it hits. His first test will be on his pet chicken Wilson. the moment before everything starts is when my scene will be. (I also dont know if i like the name Doctor Vile, but i cant think of anything else at the moment.)

I have a very early drawing of what it was kinda going to look like but that was from when i wasnt sure if i was gonna enter. im also very bad at drawing so its kinda mediocre :grin:

As of now, this is what I've done but i should be able to post the finished version of this model tonight or tomorrow.

Heres the mostly finished model. He turned out cuter than i was expecting but imma go with it. He also reminds me of some cartoon from a long time ago but i dont quite remember what 1.

Alright so I finished the scientist model. the colors are flat because i thought it fit with the theme I was thinking about. I might switch it up later on when i get more pieces built but im pretty happy with how he is now.

Scientist by Andlez on Sketchfab

(Bryantenorio) #2

I like the design here

(Theedstar1) #3

Ha ha ha ha ha ha this guy looks super cute ha ha ha ha i wonder how devious he is him dn his pet chicken ha ha ha ha that part made me laugh that would be one heck of a twist.

(Bart) #4

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(Bart) #5


a quick personal reminder that the Mad Science contest closes next Wednesday (midnight, 23:59 New York time). So whatever you decided to do this weekend - you'd better cancel it and finish your entry :slight_smile:

As always, you can read contest updates here, and if you have any last minute questions feel free to email me at bart@ this website.

Good luck!!