Does every user really need their own login?

Hi,for my application, which only searches for and downloads models, do I need each of my users to have and use their own sketchfab user/pass? Or can I simply log them in behind the scenes using my user/pass. I believe each user would need to use their own user/pass, but wanted to double check. thanks.

Technically, if you only search and download public models you could use your credentials. However, I’m not sure if this is allowed. The docs mention that if you want users to be able to download without credentials you should contact Sketchfab (thi spage: Download API Guidelines - Developers - Sketchfab)

This is typically reserved for Enterprise clients. While technically feasible, you will quickly run into download rate limits using the same account for all users. Different plans have different rate limits.

Mozilla Hubs, for example, uses a single account for all downloads, but they subscribe to an Enterprise account with a much larger download limit.

How many users / downloads do you expect in your application?

Hi James, I think you answered my original email twice (about how typically only Enterprise clients use a single login for all users for downloading). It’s not a problem for me to ask users to simply get their own sketchfab accounts. I won’t have a lot of users, so the 50 per day limit would likely not even get met, but if it did, it sounds like I’d need to upgrade to a plan I likely cannot afford. Thanks! I did also respond to the first email with some other technical/unity questions. Thanks,


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