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Does not load automatically textures

(Luis Enrrike) #1


I have uploaded the 3D model several times
and in none the texture is not loaded

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @Luis.Enrrike,

You scene has more than 100 materials which is the limit allowed on Sketchfab (see the material section in help center). In a first step, we will try to merge identical materials to reduce the material count, but if it’s not enough, all materials are dropped and only one is kept, which is the case of this model.

You need to find a way to reduce the material count of you scene in the authoring tool (here SketchUp) in order to get it work. There might be some tools inside SketchUp to merge materials together or maybe opening the scene in another software like Blender and using a baking tool could help to achieve this.