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Does Sketchfab have a Toon/Ramp Shader?

(Garm) #1

Hi all,

Just wondering, but does Sketchfab have support for toon (ramp) shading?
For example, in Unity I would use a shader that uses a texture as a lighting ramp.

Is there anyway to achieve a similar effect here?
Below is an example of the kind of effect I'd like to achieve.



Hi Garm,

No Toon/Ramp shader at the moment.

Maybe some other artists can suggest alternatives.


(Simon Kratz) #3

This is definitely a feature request I'd support! For now, how about baking it? Afaik it can be achieved in Blender pretty well smile

(Rbr) #4

Well sketchfab does have a matcap shader view but it's non-editable frowning If it was that effect could be achieved. So I guess a shader or ability to upload and use your own matcap within the materials feature request would be in order.

(Adeboye Grillo) #5

Hi, if what you want is a toon effect, you can play around with the sharpness slider under post-process on the scene tab. It will create a hard dark outline around the model. You can try it on that model you posted it will work well with it.

(Mauricesvay) #6

I'm not sure if this what you are looking for, but we have 2 great articles on how to give your models a "Cartoon" style:
- Cel-shading on Sketchfab
- Creating a Cartoon Outline for Sketchfab