Does sketchfab support armature animation AND object animation in the same fbx?


I have a skinned character in blender, that interacts with a prop (a mesh object) so in essence an armature action and a separate object action.

My issue is the following:
The AutoRig Pro add-on exports the skinned and animated character flawlessly to Sketchfab, but the prop’s mesh itself doesn’t show up at all. When I cycle through each take in sketchfab, I see all takes, but the skinned character inherits each take’s animation (even the prop’s animation which gives a hilarious result). So I can’t see the armature’s action AND the prop’s action at the same time thus making my scene useless.

So please help me work around this. Should i combine all geometries into one huge mesh and skin everything intto a single armature for this to work? I assume that is one (weird) way of solving this, but a painful one since I’m not sure about the success of exporting such a non orthodox monster, but then again that might be it. Any help is much appreciated.


Sorry for the delayed answer. I’m afraid I’m no expert in Blender / animation, but have you tried uploading the .blend directly instead of exporting FBX?