Does SketchFab support bump-maps?

(Skillip Evolver) #1

Hey all,

I’ve got a model I’ve uploaded:

First of all, apologies for the incredibly zoomed out default viewpoint of the camera when looking at the model.

I modeled in sketchup and there is a notorious issue when importing Dwg Cad files. So you need to zoom in epic amounts to inspect the model at the moment. Will fix soon.

Basicly ive got a porchway entrance to the building (flat complex) and I’ve modeled geometry for individual roof tiles:

I can probably apply it to the rest of the blank roof (a more complex hip roof)but it will take time.

I have heard of bump maps, which can give a 3d or raised appearance but are in fact 2d textures. That is very new territory for me altho I know bumpmaps have been around for a long time.

I haven’t ever tried anything like it, but I was wondering if Sketchabs editor supports anything of this kinder any other technique I could use (in SketchUp or SketchFab) to save some work.

Bump maps?

Thanks for reading, guys.

(Skillip Evolver) #2

Guess I’ll try n read the FAQs.

(Paulchambers3d) #3

Hey there - yes we support both bump and normal maps as ways to add additional detail to your model without adding additional geometry.

You can learn more here: