Does sketchfab support C4D "instancing"

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I'm kindof a noob with 3d, and I use C4d. I'm trying to upload a scene with lots of low-poly trees here, and I can't find a way to drop my poly count once I get all my trees in the scene. Does Sketchfab support instancing/cloning?

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or am I going to have to re-think/re-engineer my scene?

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Hope im understanding your question correctly stuck_out_tongue

Instancing, proxy, clones do not reduce polycounts they do however make it easier for the gpu/renderer to make multiples of because it already knows everything it needs to know about the base object which in turn increases performance. Unfortunately the rendering benefits you receive from your 3d package do not translate over to sketchfab and is up to the devs and design of the GL renderer to ensure efficiency and performance.

So in a nutshell just make a boat load of trees and let sketchfab take the wheel, Cut down on your base object polycount and quantity where you can if you run into performance problems.