Does Sketchfab support modified (weighted) vertex normals?

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Does sketchfab support modified vertex normals?
I mean such normals which was got with 3ds max scripts like a “Weighted Normals”. Or normals which was modified manualy.
For better understanding what I mean:



If you upload a model with valid vertex normals, they will be preserved. If we detect issues with normals or they don’t exist, we will recalculate them during processing.

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Hello James,
Does Weighted Normals considered by Sketchfab engine as valid normals?


I’m not sure I understand exactly what “weighted” means. Have you tried uploading something?

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I mean weighted or simply modified with “Edit Normals” modifier in 3dsMax- for example. Does edited Normals direction will be saved in Sketchfab?
maybe I will make little test soon with two cubes
Now I make one model with weighted normals and not sure how they will be work in Sketchfab

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I tested this now. Modified normals entirely saved by Sketchfab