[DONE] Alone against the Beast

(Harukitsune) #1

Hi, I know this is really late but I really wanted to enter this contest, I have been really busy with exams and homework lately, so here I go :smile: :
I had in mind to create a scene about a lone hero facing a gigantic monster, I'll use the following models I've made with blender:
The beast

The last picture shows the final version of the creature (with horns).

The hero

The environment:

 I added pillars to create a ruin-like atmosphere in the battle scene:

Now what's left is to shade and give material to this little guys, arrange them in a scene and update.

(Harukitsune) #2

Finally, here is my entry :

Alone against the beast :

Alone against the beast by harukitsune on Sketchfab

(Ab Red) #3

is it just me, or there are really no texture on it?

(Bart) #4

@harukitsune I've fixed your embed :smile:

(Elbriga) #5

Very nice @harukitsune ! I like the simplicity of the colors :smile: