[Done] Battling the Guardian


(Nomadking) #1

Hi there everyone!

After spending a few days last week figuring out my workflow, I thought it was about time I made a post and shared some "progress" with my entry. This is my 1st time working with voxels, and after investigating what the various voxel tools could and couldn't do, I settled on doing the following:

  • Block out the main shapes roughly in 3D package.
  • Import into MagicaVoxel for detailed work and base colouring.
  • Export for lighting / texture touch up.

I'm looking to use Blender for the last part (since exports from MagicaVoxel don't have lightmap ready UV's) but having not used Blender for lighting before, this part may be subject to change based on how angry Blender might make me :smile:

As for my actual entry, it's based around classic fantasy idea of a mage duel but featuring large elemental constructs. No good mage gets his hands dirty! Since I want quite a tall scene, I've had to split my model into 2 parts. A cavern / vault scene below, and the actual battle above.

Here's my blocked out 3d version of the below part:

And the imported voxelized version from MagicaVoxel:

I'm going to aim to finish blocking out the top part before I move onto making any alterations in Magica to make sure everything syncs up nicely before moving on.

I've also uploaded the latest WIP version. I'm gonna keep overwriting this, so it might not match the screenshots above at any given time!

Voxel Contest WIP by NomadKing on Sketchfab

Thanks and good luck!

(Warrenfrancis) #2

Whoa, wait... you can import into MagicaVoxel from Blender?! :astonished:

(Nomadking) #3

Yup! You can import OBJ files by clicking the button with the 2 asterixes in the bottom right. It's not perfect, but seems like a good way to start for large scenes :smile:

Heroic Voxels Contest 2016: Contest Updates
(Bart) #4

Wow that's a very neat trick, I didn't know MV could do that. I'll add it to this week's update as a tip!

And: thanks for joining the Heroic Voxels contest and welcome on board :smile:

Some more useful information to get you started:

  • Read the contest updates - they will contain updates on contest progress, weekly tutorials and more.. I recommend you 'track' that topic so you'll receive notifications (instructions are in the post).
  • Frequently Asked Questions are in the (you guessed it) FAQ topic.

(Nomadking) #5

Done a little work on the top section of my scene. Less 3D blocking out in this one and more pure voxel work :smile:

Thinking of revising my concept to just have one construct to keep him big and dominant in scale. (the grey block is ref for my character scale.)

(Nomadking) #6

Working on the colours and details for the top section:

Still got the trees to finish, as well as the land mass on the constructs side. Going to model the characters separately to allow me some rotational freedom when posing them.

I should probably check that the voxel versions of my top and bottom sections align at some point... :wink:

Edit: Treeeeeees! Quite pleased with them :smile:

(Nomadking) #7

Finished work on the island around the golem / construct. Might make a few tweaks to it, but fairly happy with how "explosive" his arrival looks :smile:

(Nomadking) #8

Updated my Sketchfab version to check the alignment of Top and Bottom parts:

Voxel Contest WIP by NomadKing on Sketchfab

Apart from the small gap on one side, seems to fit well! :smile:

(Elbriga) #9

Really amazing character, quite impressive how you gave him a personality despite that he's stone... and voxels :stuck_out_tongue:
Pretty interesting workflow, too :smile:

(Nomadking) #10

Thanks @elbriga :smile:

I think the workflow (3D > voxel) was really helpful in making the giant come to life - posing him in 3D let me rotate parts in a way I don't think I could have done directly in voxels (not with my current skill level... ). It was less successful on the other parts of the scene, I have a lot of internal spaces that are driving me crazy! Lessons learned for next time :smile:

Small update on my progress: Currently working on the details and colours for the bottom section. I'll be sure to update my WIP version when that's done, before I move onto the extra characters / effects / lighting. Still quite a bit to do!

(Nomadking) #11

After the weekend off, I'm back finishing off the bottom section. Added a lot of detail to built areas, as well as thickened out the part under the construct to better suit his size and weight

I've also updated my WIP version to show the almost finished bottom section, and some minor changes I made to the debris falling off the right arm (more downwards momentum now)

Voxel Contest WIP by NomadKing on Sketchfab

(Nomadking) #12

Finished the geometry and colours for the main piece. Just the extra characters and effects to go! :smile:

Voxel Contest WIP by NomadKing on Sketchfab

(Dune Holy) #13

I love this terrain. You painted it very good!

(Nomadking) #14

Thanks @DuneHoly :smile:

Most of the different 'materials' in the scene use just 2/3 colours each. I think I went to 5/6 for the grass, and in the latest version I added 2 more colours to the rocks below to help me highlight some areas (you can see this around the rock pool)

(Nomadking) #15

Finished my characters for the scene:

(Lrtvri) #16

Great characters!

(Nomadking) #17

Finally done! :smile:

Battling the Guardian by NomadKing on Sketchfab

(Ab Red) #18

uuuu.. the lighting are so pretty :wink:

(Nomadking) #19

Thanks @AB_red

Getting the unique UV's was a bit of a pain at first, but glad I put the effort in. Happy with the result :smile:

(Ediediedi) #20

They look like ironman .. :smile: Nice concept..