[Done]For the Glory


(Hakbit) #1

Hello guys, I want to create some scene that have East feelin'. So here is my WIP. I use MagicaVoxel.

(Bart) #2

Thanks for joining the Heroic Voxels contest and welcome on board :smile:

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(Elbriga) #3

This is looking good! I hope you can find time to work on it, I'd be curious to see where you can take it :smile:

(Hakbit) #4

Thanks you. I was busy because Lunar new year. But got some free time now. :D. But my entry turn out very different with the ideal from beginning =]].

(Hakbit) #5

Almost there. I just pack it up to see what need to detail more.

(Videogamefan) #6

Go for it! Your minimalistic approach is lovely

(Hakbit) #7

I'm done. I'll update the sketchfab when i'm finish with the annotations and know how to render better image in blender lol :smiley: #heroicvoxels

(Hakbit) #8

Done. I still not satisfied with the lighting. I will update some more screenshort render later :D.

For The Glory by Brok on Sketchfab

(Hakbit) #9

My laptop is old men now, render simple lighting like that take...ages.

(Nomadking) #10

I love the scale of your entry. Good job!

(Hakbit) #11

@nomadking Thanks you. I took me forever to completed but it surely is fun adventure.

(Dune Holy) #12

So beautiful model, like it!

(Ab Red) #13

this is awesome!!good job man! it's a massive battle, huge map, but still easy to load, and somehow i love the cliff :smile:

(YadNi Monde) #14

Fantastic, that battle is as huge as a middle earth one, fabulous =)

(Hakbit) #15

Thanks guys !! That surely cheer me up very much :smiley:

(Elbriga) #16

Beautiful! Those colors really stand out :smile:

(Hakbit) #17

I will update some WIP pics. I save some in my laptop but forget to update in here :smiley:.

  • At first I want to create something like float island in the sky. But when i roaming around, many people got the same ideal so I thinking again about the concept, I don't want my entry too similar.
  • Then the ideal of the city with the big tree come up :smiley:

  • I just use the mirror tool to make the base of the city and modifier it later so it's don't looks so "repeat" in the eyes. quite of take time to setup. The Tree must be "Big", so I setup it in the middle of the city.

  • All the building at first have no roof, but it's come out boring - so I decide add more color to it :smiley:. btw the tree now look like an ice cream lol.

  • Now is the Tree, I want to make it bigger, like it can cover up all the city, but I can't - due to the maximum of the scene is 126^3 - sigh...

  • I add more people to the city and drawn some rune to the tree to make it more like "ancient"

  • Touch up in a little detail with the color, change the brick in the wall, add some grass and rock in to city to make it's more "alive" and "life" when you live near the ancient tree :D.
  • I make some flag to make it more like fortress and it's color is blue to go with the roof color better. (sr my english writing skill not good enough x___X).

  • Here is some more detail I want to add to the scene but dont' have enough annotations to show it. The big round blue ball is prison. And the ruin at the bottom right is a village - that has been destruction from the attack before.

Here some more render:

Thanks you :D.

(Macroiss) #18

Nice entry!! Well done!