[DONE] - heroic voxel - "Cemetery Temple of Blood"

(Macroiss) #1

Well I'm super super late and I have 1 day to start and finish my entry. Sad thing.
But I'll keep this topic updated all day until I finish the piece.

As aways I'll keep my piece in my style, simple and with good colors

Entry discription:
The idea came from the Torchbearer RPG, where only crazy and people that don't have any more options will go adventure in a full magic/evil/demon world. You're a not a hero, and many have died, and the reward are in the hands of gods/luck.

(Macroiss) #2

I'm doing kind like a dungeon, it will be a cemetery. The lower level will be rooms and the "major" threat. At the surface the cemetery (duh). i'll make a forest and a bit more dark..lets see.

Ps: damn the light at the dungeon will be hard to achiev.

(Dune Holy) #3

Can't wait to see it when it's will be finished, man :grinning:

(Macroiss) #4

Some tombstones done, and architecture defined. I still don't know about that collapsed church thing, I think I'll remove.
Still figuring out the colors.

(Macroiss) #5

Almost there, now lots of detailing to do :smile:

Is it possible to any admin give the PRO acc for some testing in the upload? @bartv

(Macroiss) #6

Damn I really need to do some materials in blender or something, but I don't know how, is someone willing to help?
I finished my entry and the Magica Voxel render looks good besides the lighting, but I think if exported to blender it will look much better.

(Macroiss) #7

Is there a way to export to Sketchfab MagicaVoxel materials? It seems that the Glass material don't work exporting

(Macroiss) #8

Cemetery Temple of Blood by macroiss on Sketchfab

Done, sadly i couldnt make the materials work. emissions and transparency...

(Bart) #9

Looking great! Please be sure to add the #heroicvoxels tag!

PS: fixed your embed :smile:

(Elbriga) #10

Very nice entry @macroiss ! Pretty impressive given the short deadline you had! About MagicaVoxel materials, they won't export directly, but there are a few tricks, especially for emission, you could check out these tutorials (a little late, I know ^^)

(Macroiss) #11

Thank you!
and i just added the tag. :))

Thanks!! :smile:
Yeah, I found that when I was uploading but I couldn't make the proper materials work when exporting, I tried exacly how it was discribed, but nothing...then I was super late and didn't want to risk to fail the deadline. :sweat:
Well..the downside of being late and in a hurry that always something will go wrong.

(Macroiss) #12

I am really having a hard time dealing with transparency here, tried a lot of threads but I think I'm missing something or don't understand how it works...

Tried to upload texture to transparency like emission. tried to export 2 obj for the water and the rest


(Elbriga) #13

If you like you could pm me and I'd be glad to help you out, but I'm afraid I won't have time tonight :confused:

(Macroiss) #14

Great! Thank you!
Let's hope there will be time

(Rickprokosch) #15

@macroiss @elbriga Did you get this to work? I was just trying that too. I blacked out all the other colors in the pallet except the one I wanted to make transparent but that didn't work... saved the png and uploaded it to sketchfab and used that in the transparency tab. No go. Then I gave up because I ran out of time :smile:

(Macroiss) #16

@rickprokosch Hahaha yeah I know that feeling
And nope, still no emission and transparency for me, did the same things as you :grimacing:

[FIXED] PS Now I just screwed everything up by trying to fix... i lost all my textures and no matter how many times i re-upload and even trying other file doesnt work [FIXED]

(Adeboye Grillo) #17

Hi @macroiss, If you don't mind sending me the scene file and textures, I could try fixing it for you.

(Macroiss) #18

@grillswills Hey sure! I really appreciate it! How can we do, e-mail, message?
And Thanks again!

(Adeboye Grillo) #19