[DONE] Hero's Sword - Voxel


(Anhdang) #1

I'm going to go for a sword in the stone in a dungeon type thing! This is what I'm staring off with, though I want to add in some stone work and play with the water a bit more. First time playing around with voxels, but it's super fun!

(Rickprokosch) #2

Pretty good for a first go at it. I have really been enjoying voxels as well.

(Nomadking) #3

It's a great starting point, very Zelda! :smile:

(Bart) #4

Thanks for joining the Heroic Voxels contest and welcome on board :smile:

I have just given you one month of Sketchfab PRO - you can use it to add up to 20 annotations to your model.

Some more useful information to get you started:

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  • Frequently Asked Questions are in the (you guessed it) FAQ topic.

(Elbriga) #5

Looking good, I hope you can find time to work on it before the deadline ;D

(Anhdang) #6

Oh my gosh, the deadline really snuck up on me. I'm going to try to clutch this entry the best I can. I did a paintover of my barebones start:

Going to try to execute this today and submit this concept today.

(Chaitanyak) #7

thats very ambitious, all the best.
cant wait to see you recreate that beautiful lighting

(Elbriga) #8

Beautiful scene! The painting is georgous, I really hope you can finish :smile:

(Anhdang) #9

Ahhh I'm glad you guys like it!
Internal and external screaming as I try to finish this.

(Anhdang) #10

My final entry! Could have been better! But too bad I did too much procrastinating! I'll probably submit a better version in the future for funsies. Thank you @elbriga for reminding me, or I probably would not have submitted anything at all.

Hero's Sword - Heroic Voxels by Anh Dang on Sketchfab