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[DONE!] Nothing left to lose (Swing the axe!)

(Fiery25123) #1

This is my entry into the Legion sketchfab contest! Many tanks for giving me this opportunity! :smiley: I'm excited for Legion, so I just had to try for this! No matter the outcome, I'm just glad I finished! #WoW #WoWLegion-Final

Below is the original content of my first post:

Hello folks! This is pretty much my first time dealing with/posting Sketchfab, even though I've been signed up for a while, haha! I'll be using this thread for my WIPs for my WoW Legion fanart entry!

For a bit of a preview, it'll be a bit of a coming-of-age scene set amidst the demonic invasion. I'm excited to work on it!

I was thinking Durotar after a battle, all burnt up, patches of green fire, a couple of graves, a pyre
with some demon skulls rolling off it, a fel meteor coming down, and an orc
kid holding his dad's axe looking ready to bat it as it lands. Maybe his little sister and/or pet pig hiding behind.


(Fiery25123) #2

A very, very quick mockup! Still trying to get scale and stuff down right before I commit to anything. Obviously heavy WIP, haha! #WoWLegion-WIP

(Fiery25123) #3

'nother roughing-out. Durotar doesn't have green trees, haha. I love the lil' fire I made! Hopefully all this stuff translates properly to sketchfab, haha! #WoWlegion-WIP #WoW

(Michael Calvert) #4

Great start!


Love the planning and the starting drafts! Can't wait to see where this goes.

(Fiery25123) #6

Haha, thank you! :smiley: I'm not so great at 2D, so I like doing these "3D sketches"as I call them, before getting super fancy. Applying some new things I've learned as well. Having fun with reversed normals here, haha!

(Dark Minaz) #7

i guess i am not alone with that :slight_smile:
looks like an interesting idea.

Let me relax at the little campfire .. ah ffs a meteor? .. oh well bring it on !

(Fiery25123) #8

Ugh, lost a lot of time this weekend. My wrist is killing me! But, we must press on! For Azeroth!

Things are starting to shape up more. Highlighting the focus, I feel. Still more to go!!

#WoWLegion-WIP #WoW

(Fiery25123) #9

Bit more progress.

Defined the trail a bit more, began work on the ruins of the Orc farm/home, and armed our little placeholder protagonist with his placeholder axe. Moved the meteor itself back a ways, and in general I think improved the sense of scale for the scene overall, if just a bit. #WoWLegion-WIP #WoW

(Fiery25123) #10

Bit more detail. Starting to block out some of the destruction. Any suggestions? Haha

(Fiery25123) #11

Oooh, I uploaded it to Sketchfab!! Noooow.... How do I turn on backface culling and glow in the sketchfab viewer? XD EDIT: Figured it out!

(Fiery25123) #12

I do think I'm going to go with a WoW-like low-Poly style. Always loved WoW's look! (Not to mention my own love for stylized low-poly!) Everything in the scene will get an upgrade though, haha! Especially those trees and leaves o_o;

(Fiery25123) #13

Another small update. My ADD is giving me such a hard time, ugh. :expressionless:

Ruins are more ruin-like! Not sure if the design works, but it works so far! Hmm...

Unrelated, I've been watching this new Scooby Doo show while I work. SUPER good. Highly recommended.

(Chaitanyak) #14

in sketchfab viewer,

for Glow:
1) in materials ,enable emmission to the glowy material

2) in post processing, enable Bloom

3) additionally you can also enable a simple lighting preset and then modify one of the lights

(Fiery25123) #15

OH, HOT DOGGY DOG! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This is literally my first time exporting to SKetchfab so I have no idea what I'm doing. o_o

(Chaitanyak) #16

glad it helped :slight_smile:

(Bart) #17

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Fiery25123) #18

Hi! I've been really distracted and not ending up with much time to work on it.. X_x; Been poking at it here and there though... Made a cactus and started work on a pig, but otherwise I am shamefully behind. :\

(Bart) #19

Good to hear you're still with us! But yeah, it seems you still have a bit of work to do :slight_smile:

(Fiery25123) #20

Sigh, my ADD is too powerful.. But I textured Mr. Piggly at least, so that's something. @_@

Gotta rush to finishhh! Even if it's not perfect, I want to finish at least! +_+