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[DONE] Simple Medieval City Builder

(JC) #1

Greetings, i jumped into this contest quite late, some weather problems jumped on me, so there was not much time as i want to give to this project. I hope you will like this results.
I decided to NOT make any characters, grass etc, because (i expect) there will be plenty of them, so i focused only on assets capable of building a whole town.

There is 144 pieces, 37 of whole buildings - detail facing towards VR player, so back of the buildings are deleted, and 107 pieces of walls, roofs, doors atd. Pivots fits to grid and on each other.
Used prefixes:
JC - my name - to specify the package
FP - Full Prefab - Means whole buildings
P - Partial Prefab
Suffixes are named by length and type of the piece. (for example "JC_P_4m_Short_5_" means MyName-PartialPrefab-4Meters tall-Short in wide)

I made test scene, which contains first 37 assets + some environment (not presented in any of my assets)

Used assets for main scene can be viewed there:

The other 144 pieces can be viewed on one place there:

And finally, all assetts can be downloaded from my profile's collection:

CONTEST - Mozilla Medival Fantasy by Eanorien on Sketchfab

I declare, all assets was created only for this contest, all by my hand poly by poly.

References used (and simplyfied):

Wish you happy building(s) :slight_smile: