[Done] Smash & Grab

(Warrenfrancis) #1

I want to show a family dealing with the aftermath of having an RPG hero coming through their house to smash all their jars, empty their treasure chests, and open all of their drawers. :smile:

I don't know if I'll have enough time to finish this entry, but I'm excited about the topic, so I'll do my best!

(Ab Red) #2

goodluck with that mate!! :smile:

(Warrenfrancis) #3

Just a quick teaser -- no time to prep an upload in Blender tonight, unfortunately!

(Warrenfrancis) #4

Slowly but surely. I wish MagicaVoxel's size limit were larger!

[WIP] Smash & Grab by warrenfrancis on Sketchfab

(Ab Red) #5

is that link? :smile:

(Bart) #6

Thanks for joining the Heroic Voxels contest and welcome on board :smile:

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(Warrenfrancis) #7

@AB_red yep! :wink:

(Warrenfrancis) #8

Tonight's update:

[WIP] Smash & Grab (update 1) by warrenfrancis on Sketchfab

I'll add the musical notes and fairy back in, plus more details to the exterior, clean up the interior, figure out wall/foliage colors, and bake lighting.

Checks calendar

Panics slightly

(Hasar Dzzz) #9

That pillow made my day xD
I also like the way we can see both characters in several angles (but I really don't feel any empathy for the lady, and I'm pretty ashamed of it).

(Warrenfrancis) #10

OK, I'm done. I didn't bother to bake any lighting this time. I kept the diffuse texture straight from the MagicaVoxel export, then baked ambient occlusion in Blender on a separate UV layer.

Smash & Grab by warrenfrancis on Sketchfab

I'm sure it could be improved, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and glad I was able to finish. I have definitely been bitten by the voxel bug. :smile: Many thanks to Sketchfab for the motivation!

(Ab Red) #11

it's really genius! unique and not mainstream :smile:
here catch my "like"

(Warrenfrancis) #12

Thank you! :smile:

(J Bergenstrahle) #13

haha this is my favorite! Excellent scene. And looking back at all my zelda playtime, Link is really a little vandal in reality :smile:

(Warrenfrancis) #14

:smile: Thank you!

(Elbriga) #15

great scene ahah, I love the attention to details in the references to the game :smile:

(Warrenfrancis) #16

Thanks, @elbriga, I appreciate that! :smile: