[Done]sorcerer's island


(Yaelsagi) #1

Hello everyone (:
I'm thinking of submitting this fantasy dessert mountain city, I'm also working on some other stuff I may submit.
I may add Ambient Occlusion.
Tell me what think ^^

Desert Mountain City
by yaelsagi
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A sorcerer's island.

Sorcerer's Island by yaelsagi on Sketchfab

(Nomadking) #2

It's a great start. Looks like it should have Prince of Persia wall jumping his way to the top :smile:

(Lrtvri) #3

Looks great! manually created?

(Yaelsagi) #4

It makes sense it reminds you of the Prince of Persia. I was inspired by some old cities and ruins I saw in Israel. I think this model is done, maybe just add some ambient occlusion..

(Yaelsagi) #5

Thank you! and yes (:

(Ab Red) #6

that is nice model you have there, but since this contest is about heroic so this is my quick suggestion, i think placing some huge worm with the bloody mouth that try to destroy the city and coming from the under ground will give your scene an extra "Epic" elements, besides the deadline is February 24th :smiley:
BTW that is really good start if its a first wip, you seems doing good in voxel :smile:

(Rickprokosch) #7

Looking very good.

(Elbriga) #8

Looking really great, and you're right about the AO - it'll really do wonders in sketchfab :smile:
I agree with @AB_red too, maybe some fantasy / heroism in there wouldn't hurt :wink:

(Yaelsagi) #9

Thank you (:

(Yaelsagi) #10

hehe I did think about adding something coming from underground.. Thank you for the encouragement, I'm new to voxel (:

(Yaelsagi) #11

Thank you (: I'll try to play around with it.

(Bart) #12

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