(DONE) The Lost Traveler


(Ab Red) #1

well this is my second entry, since my first entry is almost done and i always excited for voxel art so i decided to make another scene.. yeah why not? :smiley:
so in this scene, i didn't want to put some huge monsters and require large scene, i just try to put a sci-fi story of a lost traveler in the dessert and chased by bandits, and then a laser beam fight, since it was a sci-fi theme so the characters will riding a hover bike :smile:

Hover Bike by ab_red on Sketchfab

(Bart) #2

A second entry! Cool :smile:

(Ab Red) #3

haha, yeah! thanks @bartv :smile:

(YadNi Monde) #4

Nice hoverbike =)

(Ab Red) #5

ok, here the simple scene that i consider "done"!! :smile: i had limited time after finishing my first entry, and tomorrow are the deadline!! so this is a few screenshot i took.

(Ab Red) #6

here it is!! the final scene is here, it is a simple scene, but i think it's done :smile:

Lost Traveler by ab_red on Sketchfab

(Dune Holy) #7

That bikes are very nice :wink:

(Ab Red) #8

oh thanks @DuneHoly :smile:

(Elbriga) #9

I love this scene! I think you could add a little more contrast / brightness to the colors, maybe with post precessing effects? :smile:

(Ab Red) #10

@elbriga yeah i thinking the same way, maybe add some more small props on the scene, like plane scraps or something that giving sci-fi feelings, but due to limited time i had, plus i make this scene at 00.00 A.M. im kinda rush, and im ended up with that :smile:
by the way thanks for your the comment, glad you like it ^^

(Emmanuel De Bernard) #11

It is so funny.. I love it.. :wink: ...

(Ab Red) #12

glad you like it :smile:
this one actually kinda experimental and created in rush :smile: