Doric Column 100% Game Ready Asset Pack [completed]

So first I’d like to take the time to apologize now, I’m still relatively new to Sketchfab so I may have some bumps in the road while trying to nail this upload.

So, recently I was approved to be a Sketchfab seller, my goal is to create 100% Game Ready assets, which are also completely versatile and include higher resolution geometries. I believe in the optional file I should be able to include my unity package, which is being developed side by side with all my assets to ensure unity developers have a simple “plug and play” feature.

This particular scene is designed to be completely modular, with all inter changeable parts, is complete with 4 LOD geometries to each piece (will also have pre assembled pieces and tapered columns that are optimized with hidden faces removed).

Each piece also has a red ghost around its geometry to display the Collider/Collision Mesh.

Basically the purpose of this Topic: to be totally honest, I have 0 professional experience, but would like to develop 3D assets, I’m hoping to get feedback from the community here so I know what I can do to make this more appealing, and also to modify my workflow or presentation if needed.

Thanks in advance (and apologies if you ever just happen to click the model while its updating)