Double bounding box and difficult object

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Hello there,

I am new to photogrammetry and I am having a hard time to make Photoscan Pro work with this flint I am trying to capture.
I have gone to some threads and found some information, but I am getting an annoying double bounding box and the model is just very poor.
I photographed without markers on a white background, with a Canon 6D 100mm macro but the program didn't recognize the camera's positioning, so I did some basic black markers around the stand, but it still didn't work, finally I got fed up and used my daugther's book as a big marker thinking it couldn't go wrong, buuuut it still sucks.
Here is the link to the photos:
And this is so far the result:

I have tryed with other stands and markers, but the result was even worst. All the tutorials I found are pretty much the same, I don't know what I could possibly be doing wrong.

Thank you so much for any ideas

Operating System:
Mac OS, El Captain, I7, 16GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 6770M 1024MB, 256SSD

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Hey @paulodisino, here to help you with the bounding box issue!

That's just the stereoscopic view in photoscan. If you have anaglyph glasses (classic red and blue, you'll be able to view it in 3D, but in my opinion that's just annoying...

You can get back to normal by pressing the 9 key on your keyboard or in the upper menu View -> stereoscopic mode.

Regarding the model itself... I'll take a look at the photos and let you know if I see something odd!

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Ok! Taking a look at the photos, they are ok but you could have taken more photos from other angles like high and low and not just the middle part, but in fact, the model came out just fine.

In the screenshots I can see you still have to make one last step which is the texture (if you are not completely satisfied with the mesh, just apply the texture on top, it'll get better)


(Paulodisino) #4

Hey Nestor!

Thanks! it was really the texture that it was missing.
Now, somehow the stereocopic view is not there for me to disable it, there is only key 5 for Perspective/Ortographic.
So yeah, it seems that the result came out good enough for the moment, I will continue to take more photos and try new ways to hold the findings. Did anyone conclude what was the best way to proceed with these sort of fragile findings? I was looking at some ways of photographing a batch with one side up and then flipping it and finishing the rest, but I didn't find the tutorial for that.
Do you have any tutorials on how to upload it in the Sketchfab?
I think I have done something wrong because although I cut off with the lasso tool the book/marker, it still appears in the exported files:
Flint1.mtl (189 Bytes)Flint1.obj (1.5 MB)

And the result is a flint not really located in 0x,0y,0z:

Flint1 by paulodisino on Sketchfab

(Paulodisino) #5

By the way, congratullations on your works!
They are really amazing!
It is a pleasure to meet you.

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Hey!!!!! There we go, a lot of time and reading.. here it is:

Flint2 Meshlab3 by paulodisino on Sketchfab

Thanks so much for the help!
Now.. how do we get to do a perfect 360o without the dough to hold it? LOL

(Nestor F. Marques) #7

Pretty good result you got there!

For the whole 3D model you actually have to make two separated models, one of them you already have and the other you have to make it upside down. Then you have to align those and then combine them (don't forget to cut the tips of the two holding spots for them not to appear on the final model).

Glad I could help you :wink: (I'm here to do so!)

(Paulodisino) #8

Hello Nestor,

How do I merge them? Is it in PhotoScan or another software?
I am still lost in this part, please give me some light here :smile:


(Nestor F. Marques) #9

Hi again,

Photoscan has an option under workflow menu to align and other to merge models.

Play a little bit with those, it's pretty straight forward.

(Paulodisino) #10

Yeah thanks!
Found a great tutorial too:

(Ben Kreunen) #11

Once you have the model, you can import masks from the model (Tools > Import > Import Masks > From Model. This will help exclude anything else from the texture map.

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