Doubts about model for 3D printing

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I’m thinking of making models suitable for 3D printing, they are 3-piece models, so they can be exchanged with other similar models.

My doubts come here, what would be the best anchor between the models?

I’m not really into this issue of 3D printing either, so it would be my first time, I’m a virgin! (jajaja)

Jokes aside, the model is 3 vertical pieces …
for example:

  • Tree Cup (Superior)
  • Trunk (Medium)
  • Stump (Bottom)

I would like to know if the pressure anchor serves in this case, that is:
protuberance in the form of square or cylindrical?

Better to have more than one anchor point on the same surface?

It was weighing that “Lego” has done great with that anchor jajaja

If I recive any answers that clarify my doubts I will upload some model so that someone can do a test, and maybe want to show me the result!

Greetings, and good modeling to all!

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Hi @CapAlatriste - someone may be able to answer your question here but I think you will have better luck posting on a 3D Printing forum, e.g. 3D Hubs

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Thanks, I’ll look at it, and also review the 3D Builders models, I know there are models with hooks!

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To answer your questions I need to have a bit more informations. First of all, what 3d printing technology you gonna use. Second one will be about type of the material. You can also attach model of this anchor you want to use. If you want to use fdm technology an “Lego” example it is possible to achcieve but not with every material. Also quality of 3d printer matters. If you have decent printer, with ABS you can create Lego brick. With shitty printer and PLA it can be impossible. But it depends also what brand of filament you want to use. I have two differents PLA materials and with one “Lego” anchor is possible and with another no. In general it wont work if you dont use glue. And donr forget about tolerance. If you want to use SLA, depends on resine you use. In general it would be way more precise but you hale less elastic materials. If you have acces to SLS … then you would not ask this question :slight_smile:

I assume that you want to use FDM. Go with ABS and test tolerance of material. Sometimes it is 0,2 mm somethimes more or less. Depends on nozzle diameter and layer height. I know. Sounds a bit complicated. In general, you need to know your printer and material. Then, you know what works and what does not.

Cheers mate

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Hi Michal,

thank you very much for the answer, the truth that reading what you have written, now I can say that it really is an unknown field for me (3D prints).

I really do not have a printer, my intention was to create some models that can be printed and at the same time modular.

Hence the reference to “Lego”, I remembered that lego did a good job with that anchor!

I can teach you the model in question, or rather models, since they are a few pieces, these models wanted them for the store, I thought that if someone wanted to create a scale scene, well that they were not fixed parts, better interchangeable pieces !

For what I am realizing, is that this is part of the buyer and the printer and printing materials that I use, and not so much what I do in the model, I have to keep in mind, the measurements of the anchors.

For example 0.2mm that, that should be in the print program, because I do not think I can get so close to my 3D model, before the object disappears!

Here I put some ideas of anchors …

  • The first, “square”, that gives me that is not the most appropriate.
  • The second, “cylindrical” I like because you could rotate the top piece, or the base.
  • The third, (cylindrical pressure) because this is quite complicated, since it would be inside the other object, and could not be pressed with the fingers to unhook it.

Then I have to think about my 3D program, when measuring, it uses percentages …
If the anchor and the anchorage are 100% of their size,
Would you have to reduce the surface of the anchor to … 99 or 98%?

It was a little complicated thinking about percentages!

If by chance you have a 3D printer, and you want to make a trial and error :slight_smile: I can make you the model, and you can confirm if the anchor works.

Although I have not yet decided which anchor I should use.
Thanks for the reply Michal.

a greeting
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You need to change a lot. I dont have time now to write longer answer so I will do it in points

  1. If your software is not capable to work with metric units you are not able to prepare model witg scale. So how 3d printer can know if it has 10 mm or 10cm or maybe 10km. I’m almost sure that there is an option if not, dont waste the time and change software (ex blender or freecad)

  2. I do have 3d printer. At the moment it is not accesible so I cant prit anything for you. By the way, it has no sens. Even if I am able to print sth properly it doesnt mean that someone else is. Different slicing software printers and material producers will end up with different prints.

  3. Check shapeways. You can order 3d print there. Or… buy/build your own 3d printer. I have tried a few companys and results were not interresing. After the weeks waisted I decided to buy 3d printer. In 10 days I had bettter results… and no more stupid conversations
    “model was wrong”
    “We dont know”

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Check , maybe someone did an anchor you like

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Thanks for the answers, I’m already visiting the page.

I really think that at some point he has not understood me, or the translator has not worked for me :slight_smile:

I do not want to print anything, I wanted the model to be suitable for 3D printing. (So I’m going to apologize, for my English as a translator)

That is, I would upload a model of a column, and someone who wants to, can do the test, someone wanting to try, to print a couple of columns hahaha!

I would be satisfied if they told me: it is suitable for printing.

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I got it but if you want to be sure that your model is printable you need to print it yourself :slight_smile: that is it