Download a draft model


(Johnkuendo) #1


I have an issue about a draft I upload on sketchfab. I was at a convention where I could try 3D VR painting and after that I could upload it directly on sketchfab. But my model is way too heavy and make the scene very low to load, so I'd like to clean the mesh first before publishing it.

But here's my problem, I can't re-download the fbx, because it was at a convention and so I'd like to know if I can just download my model like a regulary and published one? Do I have to publish it, activate the download, download it, delet the model and so one...? Or there's a easier way?

Please, help me

(Pierre-Antoine) #2


Unfortunately at the moment you have to publish the model to download it.
This could indeed be improved and we'll take this into consideration for further developments.

Thanks for your feedback,


(Johnkuendo) #3

Okay thank you, I published my model in private for now. It's results at the same for now. At least I can clean my model before showing it at everyone ;D

Thanks for your fast answer.